Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Me: Boo you! You no fun.
F: Youlah no fun. Dahlah Cengal nya jauh.
Me: Merantilah jauh. Cengal semak.
F: Eh, I dah datai okay. See my dedication. Jauh jauh pen datai ga.



So today's topic would be a little strange maybe.

It's chivalry. Or in other words, respect. Something that men should have done for women who deserves it all. So this afternoon, I posted this in my facebook status and I have received plenty of interesting comments.

I was just stating my opinion because most guys nowadays would be leading the group when they walk. Of course, whoever reaches the door first would need to open the door for the rest of the group but I'm not stating the obvious here. I mean I would want to see on how life is better when men are treating women with respect. It's not that girls are not respecting the guys first but I guess people are lacking rationality nowadays that they are trying to be good with the wrong kind of people. The problem here now is that the good ones are the ones that are treated equally as bad as the way one would treat the wrong kind of people, you get what I mean?

Maybe it's the crowd effect. No one knows.

Example: You see an elderly lady who is using a walking stick and she's trying to open the door. What would you do? Of course, as a human, an Asian at least, you would volunteer to help to open the door for her.

So what happens if there's 29 people in the same room? What would you do?

Let me tell you what you would do. You would look at the lady for a long time, waiting for the others to open up the door for the lady because you expect other people to open up the door for the lady. By the time you would want to help, the lady would get too tired and in the end, she's crippled and dead (worst case scenario here).

What I am trying to say is that you cannot get out from the fact that people would effect on how people would react and as an urban planner, I think this is the main issue in Malaysia. Human effect or what people call it as

Monday, 26 May 2014


It's finally study week! And my studio project has been done THANK GOD and what's left is Tourism Planning, Planning Technique and Analysis and also Urban Design. The fact that I'm still breathing properly makes me wonder if I'm actually a superhuman.

Anyway, last night I went out for a karaoke night with my choir teammates (Ina, Sara, Zahid, Hakim and Aqly) and we had tons of fun. Highlight of the day is when I sang Charice's Pyramid and Hakim sang Nirmala and Sara said that he sound just like Siti Nurhaliza and I sound just like Charice. *insert happy emoticon here*

And they haven't heard me singing Lady Gaga yet. HAHAH!


*having a conversation yesterday with 'em choir guys*
Me: *laughs* If I have a blog, I'll post it up later.

And that's how I started my blog.....again.